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02 February, 2009

Song Of The Week \ 18

Song of the week just became a grown up theme with the 18th fabulous post. This time we're going to the past, which is highly unusual, but don't worry, we are not leaving the 2000's. We are going to talk about a dead man though. Arthur Russel was a New York musician, who died of AIDS in 1992, aged 40. I found out about him on Friendly Fires celebrity playlist on iTunes, and had to buy it imediately after listening to the 30 second sample. It has this brilliant, laid back stereo sound effects, which combined with his melancholic vocals, and sweet lyrics makes one hella good song. Record was released on the 2004 album "Calling Out of Context", compiled by Steve Knutson, and I'm not sure if I like anything else on it.
This ambiental masterpiece has been playing in my earbuds for the past couple of weeks, and even though I bought a lot of great music lately, this is so far creme de la creme of my music library in 2009. Let's start a year with a dead man!

Arthur Russel - Get Around To It Arthur Russell - Calling Out of Context - Get Around to It
New York City, US \ Audika Records \ Wiki
Sexy, erotic song, which I cannot wait to play at the "right occasion".