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03 May, 2006

Dani California

Have you heard the Red Hot Chilly Peppers new single yet? It is titled Dani California, and has this amazing powerful Rock energy, mixed with catchy melody. I'm in love with this song. And the video is also great, it is like a chronological evolution of rock music. As if by design, a flurry of discussion and debate ensued on the Web, about exactly who is caricatured and whether certain segments are composites. There have been no official statement by the band about the correct artists in the video. There has been a great deal of debate on the Internet about which bands exactly are portrayed, leading to a large amount of speculation. I like the scene where Anthony wears womans make up, it makes him so gay, and not every guy would have a courage to do so. And they also have a myspace profile, and 120.000 friends, haha:) You can listen to this song or watch video on that link. And don't you think, the cover is great too?