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30 June, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 05

I've heard about this band quite a few months ago, when there were only a few leaked songs available on the darker corners of the internet. I got stuck on "Rock DJ", which was featured as a free single of the week on iTunes, and later discovered this one, which I immediately fell in love with. Their sound reminds me of the first indie rock artists I've listened to more than a year ago, mostly The Sounds, The Long Blondes, and CSS. Love Katie's voice! The Ting Tings recently pushed Madonna from #1 in UK, and they are massively successful all over Europe. "Fruit Machine" is not a single, so consider it as a secret candy from their album, since u won't be hearing it on the radio. Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!

The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine
Manchester, UK \ Columbia Records \ Wiki

Fierce voice with feel-good vibe for summer days.

Britney Spears, you slut!

I love this scary shit! Sorry for crappy videos, focus on the point.

Another great one:

23 June, 2008

Jinx concert in Ljubljana, originally uploaded by NN84.

House that I live in in Ljubljana., originally uploaded by NN84.

Another mirror photo @ 8am., originally uploaded by NN84.

21 June, 2008

I would survive a racoon attack, yay!

Brought To You By Sex Stores

Song Of The Week \ 04

With bad weather and waiting for the salary, this song made a revival in my head last week. I was first listening to it while I was waking up at 5am, and walk to the train to go to work. That was more than a year ago. Those was hard times, and I needed something to release my frustrations. Obviously this situation lasted way too long, since this song still stands at #1 in my iTunes, without ever being beaten. And it's success is not just in my head. It was #1 in Canada for three weeks, and charted in the UK. Here is a picture from their concert in NYC.

Metric - Monster Hospital
Toronto, Canada \ Last Gang Records \ Wiki

Perfect for occasionally angry people with good taste for fresh tunes.

18 June, 2008

Ugly Betty Owns it

I'm totally digging this show, even though I had a lot of misconceptions about it before I started to watch it. It's not perfect, or particularly profound, but a lot of fun to watch. Here are some short clips from it, definitely check the first one. Second one is a bit longer, if I got you intrigued.

Excellent collection of wallpapers

If you wan't to fab up your desktop, this might be the site for it. Here is an example:

16 June, 2008

I am totally impressed with ...

... Burj Dubai

It's the tower they are building in Dubai as part of the new "Dubai Downtown" development zone. It already is the tallest structure man ever built and it has almost 200m more to go. Building of the double height of the former WTC Twin Towers looks impressive and surreal. Even more fierce is that it will accommodate a private club on the top three floors. U think there should be a reasonable limit for pushing the boundaries? I will definitely stand on top of it in 2009, when it's completed. Being on 165th floor almost 800m above ground must be unbelievably exciting & totally worth the plane ticket. Check out the video, can u believe the size of it?

10 June, 2008

Damn you, YouTube!

I don't think I'm gonna cut and reload this one. Maybe if I get really bored.

Song Of The Week \ 03

MGMTPlusSweet PopPlusGroove ArmadaPlusElectricityEquals
Walter Meego - Forever (Chicago, US \ Sony BMG) Wiki
Walter Meego
This one became my fav in two days. Just so fresh!

09 June, 2008

I should start watching sports

This is Casey Stoner, 22 y.o. Australian, who won MotoGP last year. The weird thing is that he's already married, and married people have a lower coolness factor in my head. Marriage isn't fierce, bitches! But he's gorgeous.

07 June, 2008

05 June, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 02

My last post was kind of about me getting old. I know that it would take A LOT of years for me to actually get old, but early signs are here. Samples and melodies from 80's are with us for quite some time now, and that's great, but recently I've heard some tunes very similar to those we listened to in the 90's. And that's scary, because for the first time I can actually remember the times when something was popular before it made a comeback. This week I'm showing you twoo fresh dance tracks based on the 90's, but with a modern twist. Cyndi Lauper is back with the album "Bring Ya To The Brink", which is not bad at all. Main producer was Kleerup, who also produced Robyn's amazing album from last year. It's her first album in 8 years, and is surprisingly good. I also didn't think Moby would ever be mainstream again, but he made it with album "Last Night" a few weeks ago. I'm recommending both.

Can you hear the 90's coming back?

Moby - Disco Lies (New York City, US \ Mute Records) Wiki

Chorus that I can't get out of my head for weeks now.

Cyndi Lauper - Into The Nightlife (New York City, US \ Epic Records) Wiki

A bit gay, a lot Mr. Oizo.

One day I'm gonna be old ...

... but that's ok. Because I'm gonna live on top of one of those ...
... then I'm gonna take a ride to the airport ...
... with someone like that ...
.. then we'll fly with my own ...
... to my vacation spot.
One can always dream, right ?

Austrian Anti-Homophobia Posters

They are all in connection to football, and there is a lot more of them on the link below.

02 June, 2008

X Tour - enhanced gallery

I finally managed to upload photos from another camera we had with us. Expect one more video, and that will be it about Kylie for some time. Get ready for Madonna fever at the end of the summer. Fa-bu!

Kylie Mosaic

01 June, 2008

photo.jpg, originally uploaded by NN84.