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02 March, 2009

How to become a lesser geek

I could probably write a book about that. Back in my old days I would be spending my whole days on the computer, starting with morning coffee, then using it at work, and after that surfing and watching movies and tv shows at home. My lifestyle changed dramatically in the last five months, and as I just recently realized, my computer habits changed as well. It doesn't mean that I'm not spending almost every moment in virtual world whenever I'm at home, the thing is that this really is not that often. And when I am, I just wanna surf a little and watch something, or maybe not even that, because it's already too late.
I guess I'm trying to explain why I'm not taking such great care of this blog as I used to. Here are the reasons, and recipee on how to become a lesser geek:

- Get a very low-tech job, where u can't use your computer, but rather actual papers and stuff.
- Buy a mobile broadband usb dongle from the suckiest provider, and don't have broadband internet.
- Don't have a proper table and chair in your room.
- Don't have any time to relax and chill with your laptop.
- Don't have any money to keep upgrading your hardware.