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24 October, 2008

I still don't have internet access

This is getting very annoying. I'm waiting for the guy to come and install broadband in our house, and he have one more day left to show up. I can't operate without internet, it's like I'm missing an arm, and broadband is especially needed now, because I want to keep contact with friends back in Slovenia. I also feel very sorry for this blog, but I just can't post much at this time.
Other than that, things are going fine. I got a job at HMV, finally got my own room in a house with cool flatshares, now I only need new friends. But the sad thing is, that they will never be able to replace those I left behind. Please people, visit me, I have a place to stay.

18 October, 2008

This Chick is seriously disturbed

I never quite got it, why is she this new superstar, I mean album is STUUUUPID, and hm, what else can I think about HER after this:


13 October, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 14

My lovely readers. I feel like I owe you, so we're having the first triple Song of the week post, starting with my current inspirational song, which is not necessarily as good as it is appropriate for me, considering the changes I made in the last weeks. I found myself in London looking for a job, flat, and new friends, and here are exactly the lyrics I need:

And I found that round here
In this city
That I won’t disappear
In this city
I got nothing to fear
In this city ...

This track is currently #10 on the official UK singles chart, and was #4 when highest, that means that it's on the air everywhere across London, so it just might become one of the signature songs which I'll forever associate with my arrival to this city. Californian five peace band sort of reminds me of the brilliant Shwayze, except they are not really that good, comparing all the songs from the album.

Iglu & Hartly - In This City
Los Angeles, US \ Mercury Records \ Wiki
Indie extension of the summer.

Ladyhawke was already featured in this weekly theme, and right now she became the first recurring artist in it. Originally from New Zealand, she is now based in London, where she's regularly performing gigs with Peaches, and I can't wait to see one. Her first album "Ladyhawke" was released just weeks ago, and was praised by the critics, some of them even naming it a pop album of the year 2008. The reason I'm posting this song is again personal and sentimental, as I was listening to it on repeat while I was driving from the airport to the city, all alone in dark and rain, and was seriously thinking if I didn't just made a huge mistake. Ladyhawke, everyone!

Ladyhawke - Morning Dreams
London, UK \ Modular Recordings \ Wiki
Retro 70's harmonies, that screams LOVE.

Let's have our first trance record!

Not to give you the idea that I'm depressed and sad, let me show you, what I'm discovering on the other side of the spectrum. I've started to experience the nightlife, meeting new people, and one of them is just a treasury of new musical horizons. This is a band from Sweden, founded by two ex progressive rockers, which thought it would be fun to start making electro sounds. Now there is six of them, and they are creating pretty hardcore rave tunes, so my favorite is actually one of their softer ones. "Sponsored By Destiny" is amazing because of the contrast between almost popish retro-arcade-videogames sounds, and a serious party banger trance inputs and dance beats.

Slagsmålsklubben - Sponsored By Destiny
Norrköping, Sweden \ EMI Records \ Wiki
Childish, playful, cheerful meets classic electro hardcore.

And a bonus! \ Aren't I just spectacular?

In case you haven't seen it before - Womanizer by ms. Spears wasn't a song that I would bet on just a few days ago, but as I saw the video for it I figured it's gonna have to be HUGE. It really is done exactly as it should be, and I'm sure it will put Britney back on top. Just remember that, I was right that way before :)

And BTW, I still love this song, seems like I just simply can't get tired of it. So I'm naming it THE song of the summer.

12 October, 2008

Oh do I miss the fabulousness!

Sometimes I do have sentimental moments, and I can't imagine how much worse will they get, since I'm only living on the island for a week. It is definitely a thing I've never experienced before. People, come visit PRONTO :)

11 October, 2008

Video from Madonna's Concert

Picture gallery is coming online soon. This is from September 25th, when we went to see her Madgesty in Budva.

Little photo gallery from my walks.

Still can't believe that I live here. Click on the photo for the full gallery, I'm gonna post more images as I take them.

10 October, 2008

I love this blog

Seriously, I do, and I just realized this a few days ago, when I was feeling bad for not posting anything for such long time, and then went to see what was the last thing I posted. I was back in Slovenia when I did it, and though that's only a week ago, I feel like it happened in a completely different time and place.
Anyway, the reason for scarce posts is, like I informed you before, that I moved to London, and am trying to make it here. So I'm running around, looking for jobs, and meeting people. Besides I don't have my own place yet, so I don't really have the means to be a real blogger right now.
I'm optimistic, and am sure I'll settle just fine, and then I'll be able to further nurture my love for this piece of internet.

01 October, 2008

Matthew Mitcham's Cover

He was already mentioned on the blog, but I think this cover deserve another post. Just to refresh your memory - he was the ONLY openly gay male athlete on the recent Olympics, and won gold in diving.
He deserves gold in more categories.