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27 August, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 12

Everyone said that Cansei De Ser Sexy with their new album "Donkey" are more polished, smoother, and cleverly produced than ever before, and I can only agree. I saw them live at EXIT Festival last year, and they were kind of a disappointment, besides, that is their second album, which almost always isn't as good as the first one, so I was very skeptical about it, and have to confess my mistake now. "Believe Achieve" is a hot, fresh, electrish indie at it's best, sound samples are phenomenal, as well as the Lovefoxxx's voice. Bitch is exactly one month younger than I am, and this is just plain frustrating. I must do something with myself, and start rocking it while I still have my youth!

CSS - Believe Achieve

Sao Paulo, Brasil \ Sub Pop Records \ Wiki
The Shines

Focus on the sound samples. Listen on good headphones. Wicked!

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