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10 December, 2005

The Cardigans

This is a band from Jonkoping, Sweden (funny name for a town, isn't it?). They have I think 6 albums released by now, and I listened to almost all of them. I bought the tape version of album Gran Turismo six or seven years ago, when I was still commuting to school every day. I had walkman then, and listened to the songs while driving on the bus (every day about two hours), and this tape was my favorite. As technology evolved from tapes to CD's, I kind of lost The Cardigans tape, and then about a year ago, while I was working on a radio station, I coincidentally found songs from this album in a computer database. I listened to them, and it was a fantastic trip down the memory lane. Songs brought back so much memories, even those which I completely forget. It was really special. I got myself this album, and listened to it like 100 times, over and over again, love was reborn. Eventually I got a bit tired of this album (nothing last forever:), and I figured out, that they probably have some other albums. Then I got album First band on the Moon. I was surprised, how little Gran Turismo and First band ... had in common. When I get used to nice, cute and sweet tunes of this new album (actually is older than the first one I had), I started to love it, it is such a positive album. Then I got album Life. It's even older that those two before (1995), and the sound of it is pretty similar to the sound of album First band on the Moon, or should I say vice versa:) It is a terrific album. And here comes the best:) I got then their album, titled Long gone before daylight (2003). For me it's the best Cardigans album, it is a bit more chilled and calm, but sooooo beautiful. My favorite songs are Communication, And then you kissed me, Couldn't care less, Live and learn, and No sleep, but I also love all others. This is one of the best albums I've ever listened to, and I've heard quite a few. Nina Persson is the lead singer of the band, and her voice is just so amazing, innocent and powerful at the same time. They have new album and single out now, album is called Super extra gravity, and the single is titled I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer. Definitely one of the longest song titles in popular music industry:) I don't really like this single, it's sort of too rough and confusing. New album is fine, it includes some really amazing tracks, like Overload, Don't blame your daughter, and In the round, but it isn't far so good as their previous albums. But I guess this is just a phase. I probably just have to get used to it, like I had to their albums before. Anyway, if someone ask me about my favorite band, I will definitely say The Cardigans!

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