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09 December, 2005

Eureka Tower

OK, here is the first thing that impressed me. This skyscraper is called Eureka Tower and at the time it's still under construction in Melbourne, Australia. It will be 297 meters high when finished (exactly 300 meters above sea level), what will make him the tallest skyscraper in Southern Hemisphere, and also the tallest residential building in the world. I asked my friend from Melbourne if it's impressive to see, and I'm still waiting for his answer. I'll let you know. Take care!


P.S.: My friend told me that he works very near this tower. He said: "it is ok, its nearly finished i think. it looks great in a foggy morning. the fog covers the top half but the sun above reflects off of the white panels, so it shines white rays through the cloud. its pretty cool. its mostly residential (houses) and they are very expensive with the most modern features. i have included a picture of it from the way to work today." The picture is also included in this post. I want to go to Australia SO badly!!! Have to figure something out, and then I'll have the time of my life, no I never felt this way before, yes I swear it's the truth ... ok ok:)

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