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05 August, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 09

I found this song written on my virtual sticky note, and didn't remember when I wrote it down. I figured I probably heard it sometime, and liked it. So I got it, listened to it on repeat while Lucy was taking a shower, and considering that it got about 10 play counts during that time, that was a looong shower. Anyway I feel it's a pleasant pop song, which didn't explode in my head with fresh samples and wicked sounds, but rather just build a happy, calm feeling, which grew stronger every time I listened. It's that kind a song I want to listen to while driving across California in a rented cabriolet with friends, if u know what kind of sensation I'm talking about.

Beats & Styles ft. PaPa Dee - Take It Back

Helsinki, Finland \ Warner Music Finland \ Wiki
Beats & Styles

Happy song with the actually sad lyrics.

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