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11 September, 2008

Just use helium, and build a bigger one. Doooh.

The Hindenburg


I recently stumbled upon a photo gallery of Hindenburg's interiors, and was impressed about the size of it. Too bad the tragedy happened, and the biggest flying machine ever built burned. I don't get it ... it all happened because the hydrogen ignited, but helium is not flammable at all, and they could continue building those things, except from then on they should be filled with helium. Besides - When's the last time an airliner exploded into an acre-wide ball of flame a thousand feet up and only killed 2% of the passengers? Apparently, of the 35 people who died, 33 of them died when they hit the ground -- after jumping out of the gondola to escape. That would mean that whole explosion/fire/crash, in itself -- only killed 2 out of a hundred-something people on board. Plus - How much safer would the Hindenberg have been if they hadn't, oh, say, painted the entire thing with a pigment that was later used as a SOLID ROCKET FUEL OXIDIZER?

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