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28 June, 2009

Song Of The Week \ 20

This must be the best dub I've ever heard, I am in love with the elegance of this track, I mean it's so cleverly made, that i can't call it anything else except elegant! It is based around bass and the very subtle sound of a woman breathing, and singing "ooh" is so cleverly incorporated in the track. Very minimalistic, with every sound exactly at its place to make the song as beautiful as it can be. Not to even mention the sound game starting about four minutes in. Turn on the bass, and dive in!

Battant - Kevin (1989) (Andrew Weatherall Stadium Dub) Battant - Kill the DJ Présente... The Vinyl Collection - Kevin (1989) [Andrew Weatherall Stadium Dub]
London, UK \ Kill The DJ \ No Wiki This Time
Dub at it's best, minimalistic with every sound in the right place.

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