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25 December, 2005

Macaulay Culkin

I never paid a lot of attention to him, until I saw him on the cover of some French magazine a few years ago. I tried to find this photos on the internet, but I couldn't for years. Then about a year ago, I was on this page, browsing The Boy / The Girl category, and I found them. They are posted below. Then I started to explore about him, I wanted to know if he is still making movies. He retired from acting when he was like 13 years or so, but now, more that 10 years after, he continued to act in some movies, although there are very few of them. He made his comeback with crazy gay movie called Party Monster. I don't think he is much of an actor, but I really like his looks:). He also starred in the movie Saved with Mandy Moore. Hope to see more of his movies soon.

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