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31 January, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I really loved this movie. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen, maybe even the best, since I can't decide if it's better than American Beauty which is currently on top of my little personal movie chart in my head:) I'm a bit sad that it didn't got more Oscars, but it's ok, because I also watched Crash, which was awarded with Oscar for the best Movie, and is also incredible.
For me Heath Ledger is the only bad part of the Brokeback Mountain. I mean he is a great actor, he really does a great job in BB Mountain, but somehow I feel that he is also homophobic, you know, he came to Oscars with his girlfriend, and show her everywhere, like he wanted to show everyone that he is straight. And in his next movie he played Cassanova, so it's not hard to figure, that he's not really comfortable with the label "Actor who played a gay cowboy". And also I don't like the way his caracter acts in the movie.
I like Jake Gylenhaal on the other hand. First of all, he is incredibly cute!!! He came to Oscars alone, and he obviously don't have a problem with this movie. He even said that they kissed so much with Heath, that it was just like kissing a girl at the end. Ooooh, how cute is this:) So I will do this little gallery of Jake's photos here for you ladies to enjoy. Here we go:

<-- Plus Bonus:) This is Jake dancing in thong in the movie Jarhead. If you click on it, you'll be able to download a video clip.
Don't mind this


Bish said...

Can I ask what was so great about this movie? I saw it twice, once with my friends at it's Toronto premier and the second time by myself. Although the subject matter was groundbreaking and the scenery absolutely beautiful, I found that the story line lacking. What dialogue there was between Jake and Ennis was at time incomprehensible (Ennis' character barely moved his lips when he spoke). I must credit Mr. Ang Lee for his direction of the film but other than the subject matter (cowboys and forbidden love) the movie really didn't stand out. That said, in the end when Ennis is left alone in his trailor hugging the shirt that he and Jack wore the last day they were up on Brokeback Mountain was by far one of the best scenes in a movie, period.

naroz :) said...

What are you trying to say with this blog, besides the obvious --- that BB is a movie that based on its qualities should have won an Oscar? According to your arguments, does it mean that if an actor (male or female) takes on a role of a homosexual, the he/she should, from that point onward, choose a lyfestyle that was obviously undertaken with financial provisions in mind? I don't agree that Ledger's actions following the movie premier had anything to do with proving who he really is! As a matter of fact, in the 21st century, especially in Hollywood, when films with prominent homosexual themes are no longer an eyebrow-raiser, nobody seriously cares about such a petty, parlor subject :)