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02 November, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 15

I am sometimes unsure about which song should I feature on the blog, but that wasn't the case this time. It didn't happen until the first "Song Of The Week" post with Uffie, that I was so certain which song I absolutely LOVE the most this week. I own it for less than 24 hours (incl. sleeping), and have already listened to it 45 times in that time. Robyn is a goddess. The Swedish singer, trying hard to prove that pop can be slick, intelligent and fresh, co-wrote the song "Dream On" in 2006, when it was released by the producer Christian Falk in Sweden. Now it is due to be released in the UK and internationally, and it is right now becoming huge in London, since I've heard it on the radio a couple of times already, two weeks before the actual single release.
I saw Robyn live in Budva about a month ago, where she also sung this song, which I then heard for the first time. It is just so fresh, powerful, funky ... kind of "With Every Heartbeat"-ish, except it actually takes off on the chorus. Oh, and those high pitch sounds all over the song ... Seriously Robyn, I love you.

Christian Falk ft. Robyn - Dream On

Stockholm, Sweden \ Data Records \ Wiki
The Shines
Robyn's gorgeous vocal with new fresh electro-pop sounds. As good as it gets.

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