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06 November, 2008

I want to be a topic itself.

One of my best internet ideas was to create this blog. I can't explain what I'm getting out of it, but it's very complimenting. The number of visitors is growing and growing, and what surprised me the most, was the fact that even when I couldn't post a lot, You were still coming to the blog. I want to thank you for that, because I am truly honored. Now I feel like sharing with you, so I'm presenting the visitors statistics, for you to see what happened since I left Slovenia, and started my life in London. The green line represents the last month before I left, and the blue one is for the first month since I've been here. Click for the full size.

Visits per day:

Visitors' statistics:

Visitors' languages:
It was a good idea to write in English after all. Plus my written English actually improved in the last years because of it. It's not perfect yet, I know, but compared to the first posts it evolved.

Visitors' locations:

How did visitors came to the site:
Images are obviously a big part of the popularity. Let's not forget my sweet Lucy, who's blog is a big hit, and consequently attracts visitors to mine.

Visitors' operating systems:

First post on this blog was posted on 6th December 2005, and that makes it almost three years old. I should throw a big party, and maybe I will. This is how it all started at my parent's house one weekend.

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