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29 November, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 17

I am amazed. Two absolutely perfect and fantastic songs have found their way to my awareness in the last month. That's a regular quota for the whole summer, if we really say PERFECT. I found the latest love on Kitsume Maison Compilation 6, which is pretty great overall, there was a Hot Chip Remix that I liked, and then bought the original song. Rob Smoughton aka Grovesnor is a british producer, who used to work with Hot Chip, but they split ways, and hated each other, until they made up with current members remixing this song. Aaaawww.
The track is is electro pop at it's best. You can hear Hot Chip in it, which are quite spectacular by themselves, mixing melancholic vocals with funky beats. But the best contrast is that of a retro 80's feel good chorus, and neo disco electro sound, that is now breaking on the mainstream with artists like Justice and Sam Sparro.
"Drive Your Car" starts off very shy and scared, but then at it's unbelievably good chorus, when you get to know it better, become full of joy and love. I love the fact, that I live in the city where music like this is made!

Hot Chip + Glass Candy + Justice + 80's feel good vibe = Grovesnor

Grovesnor - Drive Your Car
London, UK \ Kayak Music \ No Wiki This Time
Second song i fell in love with this month, which is basically phenomenal.

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