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19 June, 2009

Catching Up

I don't have a better explanation for my long absence, except that I didn't feel like blogging, and for some reason distanced myself from my creative internet activities, and rather resort to consuming web activities. I have more home-time lately, and consequently spend considerably more time online, and I really started to miss blogging.

So to quickly catch up with what I've been impressed with during this time of absence, let me present you with some (mostly very geeky) photos:

Boston Big Dig is a gorgeous example of what difference a thought-out city planning and urbanism can do:

Black Eyed Peas and their "Boom Boom Pow" is a huge hit, and I got infected with the video and sound. Getting over it by now though.

Fool's Day prank, which I fell for and thought it's amazing. World's first flying hotel! (shamed)

Very enjoyable movie, I love it, but even more so it's soundtrack, which is very different to what I usually listen to - it might become my gateway album to modern jazz and such.

How can I post anything after such long time, without including some skyscraper. Well I can't! The spectacular, unbelievably tall Burj Dubai is about to be overshadowed by another mammoth project in the same city. It's called Nakheel Harbour Tower, and it's gonna be !!1400!! meters tall - almost 4x WTC or 2x Burj Dubai.

The Stanford torus is a proposed design for a space habitat capable of housing up to 140,000 permanent residents. Build it in my lifetime please.

Apparently the next big thing in home design - Office Pod, home office-cubicle for the garden. SO cute I want one.

I joined Star Trek Mania, the movie is a very cool, fresh and a successful reset of the franchise. Don't even get me started on Chris Pine ...

Okay, this is weird, but I have a thing for elegant traffic solutions like this. It's the most elegant highway junction I've ever seen. Situated in Bergen, Norway.

Saint Etienne don't have one song, that I could particularly expose, but their greatest hits album as a whole is as nice as a road trip across Spain at summer with friends, in a convertible.

Speaking of Spain - this is one of only handful real IMAX cinemas in the world, and the architecture is stunning! Located in Valencia, Spain, the Hemispheric is a part of the "City of the Arts and the Sciences".

The new model of Boeing's biggest airliner 747 "Jumbo Jet" is the biggest yet. I just love its design, it looks much prettier than "fatter" european Airbus A380.

So much for now, more to come soon. Thank you for visiting again.

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