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24 November, 2008

Song Of The Week \ 16

This is the most beautiful love song I've ever heard. It's also quite an old one for this blog, since I had it on my iTunes since the beginning of 2007. It became fifth most played song in my library with almost 140 plays. Surprisingly Gran Bel Fisher's album is not that brilliant on the whole, this song really stands out, and I just love the feeling of it ... it's so emotional yet not sleazy, guitars are dreamy, and the chorus is ... omg, so beautiful, and it get's better every time you hear it. It's not a catchy pop, but rather a slow grower, and those are usualy the best, because they last for a looong time when you realize their beauty. Very subjective "Song of the week", but well ... you'll have to just deal with it, it's my blog, and I'm not in the mood for being too professional :)

Gran Bel Fisher - Bound By Love

Ohio, US \ Hollywood Records \ Wiki
Gran Bel Fisher
Song that reminds me of the very romantic relationship with my future boyfriend.

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